Profile of the Practice

For nearly four decades the attorneys who comprise The Olsen Firm have provided effective legal strategies for clients in many life’s pursuits, stages of business, and all manner of personal and business disputes and claims. The firm has provided meaningful, legally sophisticated, and, at all times, practical advice in hundreds of fact patterns in which decision-making is important to clients who want individualized attention and a hands-on attorney to master the facts of, and law applicable to, their own cases.

There is a recognition among some attorneys that big is not only not better in the practice of law but it sometimes adversely impacts the effectiveness of representation, as some large law firms divide up their clients’ work among less-experienced attorneys who have a concern about billable hours. There is a built-in impetus to drive up a client’s bill, as some law firms actually publish their attorneys’ billable hours by attorney-name within the firm at the end of each month, and “making partner” depends in part upon such factors as billable hours and so-called “rain-making,” rather than simply providing the best legal advice possible to every client.

In litigation, a more experienced trial attorney may come in at the last moment to take over a case on which only lower-level attorneys, or even paralegals or “legal assistants,” have focused during pre-litigation or pre-trial stages. Clients wonder what can account for such a large bill or justify a partner who does not seem effectively knowledgeable of the finer details of their position in court or arbitration. Clients can be suddenly -- and stunningly -- disappointed by the results. The negative, sometimes devastating, outcome is often not known until the jury’s verdict, judge’s decision, or arbitrator’s award is announced, and then a detailed ex post facto analysis speculates on how “no one saw it coming.”

Many attorneys with valued negotiation and trial skills recognize that small law firms can provide more effective representation by treating a client’s cause as their own from start to finish. Small law firms are sought out by individual and business clients wanting focalized advice and representation; many small firms are now turning away clients rather than expand their legal staffs, and The Olsen Firm has resisted such expansion for reasons of quality and because its attorneys enjoy working face-to-face with people, their families and businesses, helping them resolve their difficulties, fulfill their quests, reach their goals, while working successfully for the future and seeking to prevail when there is adversity.

It is no accident that small law firms in America win comprehensive verdicts or multi-million dollar judgments, and opposing parties are left to quiz their own attorneys as to how it could have happened. The attorneys of The Olsen Firm have successfully represented many clients for nearly four decades and won jury verdicts of more than $2 million in Denver and New York (including one verdict of more than $10 million), by seeking to know the facts better than opposing attorneys, and also by tireless work, concentration and multi-faceted “brainstorming,” and by effective presentation of facts and law, not to mention persuasive nuances, subtleties, and practicalities, to judges and juries.

The Olsen Firm provides meaningful advice to individual and business clients, even if it is not what the client has a predisposition to hear. Advice is not “sugar-coated,” or designed to prolong a case or increase billable hours, and it is important that advantages and defects in strategy be identified early and that enthusiasm be tempered with realistic assessment of, and approaches to, multi-lateral obstacles, including the reality of specific courts and judges, required evidentiary proofs, opposing allegations and factual assertions, and the practicality of the court or arbitration process.

The attorneys of The Olsen Firm have been described as conservative in their advice and counsel but prefer to use the terms practical, perceptive and personalized. The firm reviews hundreds of fact patterns and talks with hundreds of potential clients, accepting only a fraction. The caseload is purposely limited. The goal is to have clients who look back with pride to have stood with The Olsen Firm in a moment of personal or professional need. Most of the firm’s clients are repeat clients or those referred by others who have been served in the past by The Olsen Firm.

Attorneys in General Practice, with Emphasis Upon Litigation